Anonymous: Well let's hope then that I will find enough self-confidence to reveal myself. But other than that, thank you for that invitation, I would gladly come back to it at some point.

I hope you find the confidence. The offer will always be there.

Anonymous: You are probably right here, yes we would.

If you ever want to have a drink, or something, I look forward to it.

Anonymous: Unfortunately I fear that smiliarities wouldn’t only be found in the good sides of ourself. Even if there would exist a strong kind of interpersonal chemistry, there would still be enough edges at the same spots that wouldn’t grip into each other but constantly collide. On the other side that would surely prevent any boredom, rather bring passion. I might have a thing for that kind of passion.

Of course, those kinds of similarities rarely mesh well. The friction could be exhausting- yet, I’m lacking connections with people that bring forward that kind of passion inside. I think we would share an interesting time together, no matter how brief or explosive.

Anonymous: With two people having too many similarities it would at some point probably turn into a disaster but the time going before could also be totally worth a little disaster.

That’s very true. Similarities can make things easier at times. Disaster always depends on the interpersonal chemistry between the two people. 

Anonymous: Most of the time I’m a rather calm person, I love random trips, I love the sea and the beach. On the contradiction to that I basically attract struggles but also find my way out of it again. Get back on my feet on my own. I’m a honest and loyal person, very protective but also jealous and possessive. I’ve been through a lot and tend to struggle with my self-confidence. It is hard to earn my trust completely but when I love and trust someone I give my whole self to that person.

I feel like we share some similar qualities- based on reading this at least. I would date you, but I feel like it would either be amazing or a complete disaster. 

Dwelling on the past. Pointless but inevitable.