penicillin-gisho “Not you! Tranquilizing the other two.”

mstr-chisatoe: Have you ever thought of making lunch for the band? (I've always seen your magazine articles cooking yummy food.)

Yes! So that I can slip you guys tranquilizers …

Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or No

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penicillin-gisho “Of course. We wouldn’t want to ruin your image.”

Gisho comes off as a stuffy old businessman most of the time…but if you guys only knew..

" You are mad, you have lost it at last!” –
“No, I love only you senselessly […] "
Anonymous: What do you think of the fact that we keep an emperor mostly as some kind of decoration rather than someone who has as much power as he should?

"I’d be more concerned with people like Abe, instead of concerning myself with the power of the emperor." 

Anonymous: what is your biggest fear?

"Big dogs."