tzk-cristate: ♦≡
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♦ - Relationship Status
I am married to my cat.

≡ - Favorite game. 
First thing that came to mind was Silent Hill 2, I haven’t played it in a while but it’s my favorite.

♥ - Hobbies
Drawing, reading…

❦ - Ships?
Right now it’s just…lots of JJBA ships. Too many. I am ashamed of myself.           


"That spider haunted me into my dreams and became a hybrid with a bee. This is terrible."

"That sounds….awful. Did you ever find the one that hid from you last night?" 

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Anonymous: When you are free, call me. I'll bring my polaroid camera, I want you to take photos. I might bring my white yukata, and if you're lucky, I won't put on any makeup. You know who this is.

I look forward to it. 

Anonymous: would u do the chika chika bow wow with gisho then

"Ah, that’s…a rather personal question."

Anonymous: what do u think of tzk plz be honest don't hide anything it'll be a secret between us

"It’s not a secret if I am answering publicly. Anyway— he’s an amazing guy with a lot of talent. I enjoy spending time with him." 

Anonymous: would u do the chika chika bow wow with tzk

"In your dreams, perhaps."


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