Anonymous: love as in u would like to be with him? ^^

Truthfully, my heart is cloudy on this topic.

Anonymous: what are ur feelings for gisho <3 ^^

I love him. I have known him for over twenty years, and I feel the closest to him out of…well, everyone I know. 

It seems someone slipped my muse a truth serum. send ‘truth’ followed by a question to get a completely honest answer

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penicillin-gisho: "You should let me teach you how to dance."

"Oh I am not sure about that."



“Somethings just get better with age.”

"Like yourself. I’m wondering if you are turning into the wine you drink."

"Hey! I meant that as a compliment for you!"

penicillin-gisho “Somethings just get better with age.”

penicillin-gisho “I look ridiculous in them but if you want to see, promise not to laugh too much.” 

penicillin-gisho: "Always? Dear, that was a long time ago. I am not handsome anymore. I am old."

"You are handsome. Now and then."