Whisper in my Muse’s Ear “Baby Take Your Clothes Off” and See how They react..

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I definitely need some sleep. 

tzk-cristate “And what’s wrong with your heart?”

tzk-cristate “Yes. My sister’s dog. And it’s been a while- I miss you.” 



"I know how you are by now, Tsuzuku." 

"Eh… and what does that mean?"

"You have a weakness for animals. Speaking of that, I’ll be watching Hana this weekend. Do you want to come over?"


"Ah, you’re adorable."

"I couldn’t just leave them there without taking some time to give them some attention…!"

"I know how you are by now, Tsuzuku." 

Anonymous: You're a caring man. You give such warmth around you, always there to listen to others but also very fascinating when you speak yourself.

"I suppose that’s true."

Make an assumption about me and I’ll tell you if it”s true or false

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